Please stand behind the yellow line (DHG)


2018 - 2019
Full HD video colour, 5.1 sound stereo

Please stand behind the yellow line, still frames from video


Everyday gestures are marked by an alarm clock of a mobile phone, signed by yellow rubber gloves that all the people are wearing.

It is a journey inside the spaces of divisions which create distances between humans, subjectivities, feelings and nature. The yellow line shows the alterity running on the surface of everyday life (the other other, familiar other).

The solipsism of a highly regulated reality arrives to a grotesque and perturbing domestic environment in which the body disappears: it is the dissipatio of human kind. However remains still survive; having lost their functionality, objects and fragments of memories become images of another life.

Please stand behind the yellow line (DHG) was born after the reading of the dystopic novel Dissipatio Humanis Generis by Guido Morselli, 1977.

© Luca Staccioli