Among his solo shows:

2022 – Ricreazione, curated by Federico Palumbo, Osservatorio Futura, Turin

2021 – Niente può mantenersi sano di mente in condizioni di assoluta realtà, curated by Dario Moalli, State of, Milan

2018/2019 – Donner à voir, Fondazione Pini, Milan

2018 – The other other, familiar other, curated by Bite the Saurus, Riot Studio, Palazzo Marigliano, Naples

2017 – Studio Visit duo show curated by Pietro Gaglianò, Museo Masaccio-Mannozzi, San Giovanni Valdarno

2017 - Je m’ouvrais pour la première fois à la tendre indifférence du monde, Waiting Room JONAS, Trento, Italy


Among his group show:

2022 – Nüwa city, curated by Anna Vittoria Magagna, Galleria Verrengia, Salerno, Italy

2021 – Travel diary, curated by Sonia Belfiore, Decentralend, Snarkart, Metaverse, Newyork based

2019 – Teatrum Botanicum, curated by Giulia Mengozzi, Pav Padiglione di arte vivente, Turin

2019 – Voi rubate del tempo alla fretta, a noi il mare ci impone lentezza, CASTRO project, curated by Alberta Romano e Vincenzo Di Marino, Villa Di Lorenzo, HYPERMAREMMA, Ansedonia, Grosseto

2017 – The Great Learning, a cura di Marco Scotini, Palazzo della Triennale, Milano

2016 – NESXT, Kalki Club, Current project, Q35, Turin

Luca Staccioli is a visual artist and researcher.


Luca Staccioli's practice is research-based, process-oriented and merges different media including videos, sound, embroidery, sculpture, drawings, collages.

Conceived as narrations, his artworks question pre-established values, forms of colonialism, the exploitation of emotionality by mass-media, imaginaries becoming flattening tensions.

The research of Staccioli stratifies and combines micro-histories, uprooted memories, as well as daily objects and nomadic images proliferating from global-local dimensions, historical archive and technological apparatus. It aims to re-narrate models of representation, to find new social ecologies and political territories of re-imagination.


He won the Fabbri Prize, emerging art session 2018, and in 2017 the second prize of Talent Video Awards, Careof, FIDMarseille, Mibact.