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Luca Staccioli's multidisciplinary artistic practice is research-based and process-oriented, merging videos, photos, sounds, sculptures, embroideries, drawings, and collages.

Conceived as narratives, his hybrid artworks question the processes of aesthetic and identity homogenization and their influence on competitiveness, worth, expectations, and the exploitation of emotionality by mass media.

His works de-functionalize products, shifting their scales, transforming their materials, often using found objects as molds to create new forms and stories.

Staccioli layers childhood fantasies, micro-stories, uprooted memories, as well as everyday objects and nomadic images that proliferate on the internet and in historical archives. Images and objects are active agents carring narratives, consistently embedded within the realms of technology and power, holding significant political connotations.

Reflecting on the changing value of tales and items, and on the relation between human bodies and artefacts, Staccioli reappropriates images and realities eroded by consumption and productivity, investigating the political territories of reimagination.


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